About ME-Hire

  • ME- hire, is a sister company of Main event catering, that has run events and functions for decades. You are welcome to have a look at the www.maineventcatering.co.za so you can have an overview of the catering side of our business.​
  • ME-hire focuses on the hire of equipment to any client, planner, or the industry at large, and can also plan and execute events, with regards to furniture, décor, crockery and cutlery and catering equipment. ​
  • Our team of dedicated, talented staff and management are passionate about what they do, with decades of experience from blue chip corporate galas, to company picnics and everything in-between, ensuring the catering at your event meets the highest standard. ​
  • Every event makes a statement about your brand or company. Working in partnership with you, we ensure that statement is a positive one, by creating a perfect dining experience that reflects you, your company’s, and your brand’s image. ​
  • As part of Main event catering, we can offer part of a fully inclusive service to manage the full event.